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Surgical or radiation treatment of low-grade gliomas usually results in symptom-free long-term survival. Cord blood reflects the in utero environment, and by day 2 of life, the maternal antithyroid drug effects have receded. If indicated, renal biopsy should be performed before 32 weeks of gestation (as noted earlier). Potential long-term side effects include visual disturbances, thyroid dysfunction, pulmonary toxicity, and skin discoloration. The appearance of a new focal deficit should raise suspicion of a surgical cause, since anesthetic drugs would be expected to cause primarily global effects. By various mechanisms, chronic lung disease induces an increase in pulmonary vascular resistance. Daily interruption of sedative infusions to allow the patient to "awaken" may facilitate evaluation of mental status and ultimately shorten the period of mechanical ventilation. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome represents a group of connective tissue disorders associated with skin fragility, easy bruisability, and osteoarthritis. Three major meals and three snacks are preferred, because this multiplefeeding regimen limits the amount of calories presented to the bloodstream during any given interval. If the atrial fibrillation is hemodynamically significant, the treatment is cardioversion. Patients with an acute but uncomplicated type B aortic dissection who have normal hemodynamics, no periaortic hematoma, and no branch vessel involvement at presentation can be treated with medical therapy. An increase in heart rate will not occur with administration of atropine or pancuronium. Over time, right ventricular dysfunction occurs, and eventually right ventricular failure is present. Each internal carotid artery gives rise to an anterior cerebral artery and continues on to become a middle cerebral artery. Despite public health campaigns, however, current patterns of use demonstrate limited adherence to that recommendation. If central venous cannulation is pursued, particular care must be taken during contralateral jugular venous access attempts to prevent inadvertent arterial or venous puncture, which could cause a hematoma that compromises collateral blood flow during carotid cross-clamping. Noninvasive blood pressure measurement techniques may be strongly considered to avoid any arterial compromise of potentially affected extremities. Goals of care are prompt initiation of treatment of the cancer and delivery of the infant as soon as neonatal outcomes are optimized. Various types of fluid may accumulate in the pleural space, including blood (hemothorax), pus (empyema), lipids (chylothorax), and serous liquid (hydrothorax). A drive line connects the pump to electrical power as well as to an external console, which displays the pump flows and other system information. Systemic hypertension is a factor that can be implicated in both genetic and nongenetic causes. Rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma affect middle-aged more often than young women. When nasopharyngitis is associated with infection, there is usually a history of fever, purulent nasal discharge, productive cough, fever, and malaise. The release of vasoactive substances is hypothesized to result in the loss of normal mechanisms of vascular autoregulation, producing regional and microcirculatory imbalances in blood flow. Telogen effluvium usually is easy to distinguish from other causes of hair loss, and patients should be reassured that regrowth is likely to occur by 9 months after delivery without any treatment. Treatment ceases when the neonate has been free of signs of withdrawal for 24 to 48 hours. Patients with restrictive lung disease typically breathe rapidly and shallowly, so tachypnea is likely during the weaning process and Intraoperative Rapid expansion of a collapsed lung may lead to pulmonary edema in that lung.

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Pregnancy should not preclude the use of diagnostic testing considered to be otherwise indicated in the trauma patient. Adapted from American Diabetes Association: Standards of medical care in diabetes-2012, Diabetes Care 35(Suppl 1): S11-S63, 2012. Use of long-acting drugs is preferable, because patient adherence and consistency of blood pressure control are superior with once-daily dosing. Selegiline has an advantage over nonspecific monoamine oxidase inhibitors because it is not associated with the occurrence of tyramine-related hypertensive crises. Maternal complications include hyperemesis, renal calculi (36%), pancreatitis (13%), hypertension (10%), bone disease (19%), hypercalcemic crises (8%), and psychiatric problems. Produced by the supraoptic and paraventricular hypothalamic nuclei along with their respective binding proteins or neurophysins, these hormones are transported as neurosecretory granules along the supraopticohypophysial tract to the pituitary, and from there they find their way into the circulation. A diastolic blood pressure of 100 to 115 mm Hg is most often used as a criterion for postponement of elective surgery. Certain complications are likely to accompany congenital heart disease (Table 3-3). Since these studies, many other randomized clinical trials have shown that hypothermia by selective head cooling or whole body cooling is associated with a reduction in death and severe neurodevelopmental disability at 18 months of age for term infants with moderate to severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. Because of the diminished cough reflex, the potential for bronchoconstriction, and the increased risk of pulmonary infection, it is recommended that regional anesthesia be selected whenever possible. Common clinical findings include low-grade fever, urticaria, and hives and result from exposure to incompatible platelet or white blood cell antigens. The availability of T3 (from T4 conversion or direct fetal thyroid secretion) is limited. Fifty percent of patients with aortic stenosis who are older than 50 years of age have associated ischemic heart disease. Such factors may explain why even a minor uterine anomaly, such as arcuate uterus, has been found by some investigators to result in an excess of spontaneous abortions, second-trimester losses, and preterm deliveries. An additional consideration is the need to counsel all women with restrictive lung disease about the potential for continued impairment of their respiratory status during pregnancy, particularly if their respiratory status is deteriorating when they conceive. The advantages of prophylactic administration include a better distribution of surfactant when instilled into a partially fluid-filled lung and the potential to decrease trauma related to resuscitation. Despite its drawbacks, transcutaneous pacing is an effective temporizing measure to treat bradydysrhythmias until a transvenous pacemaker can be placed or a more permanent mode of cardiac pacing can be implemented. Whether the commonly used pulse administration of corticosteroid (1000 mg of methylprednisolone by rapid intravenous infusion, usually on 3 consecutive days) is safe in pregnancy is unknown. Particular considerations applicable to specific kidney diseases are discussed in more detail in this text, but in general, the following components should be part of the antenatal care plan. In one report, three of four deaths during pregnancy occurred in gravidas colonized with B. Triggered dysrhythmias associated with early afterdepolarizations are enhanced by slow heart rates and are treated by accelerating the heart rate with positive chronotropic drugs or pacing. Instead of seeking to minimize long-term cardiovascular complications, the primary goal is to maximize the likelihood of successful delivery of a healthy infant while minimizing the chance of acute maternal complications. Supportive therapy is usually sufficient, although some cases of certain viral subtypes may lead to progressive liver failure. Oxygen deficiency occurs at the tissue level because of inadequate delivery of oxygenated blood, is evidenced by mottled extremities when the cause is cardiogenic shock or hypovolemic shock (most commonly due to hemorrhage) and obstructive shock. Ultrasound may be of assistance in this assessment process, particularly if uterine curettage is necessary. Antibiotics Metronidazole and ciprofloxacin are occasionally used in the management of patients with Crohn disease. Adapted from International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups Consensus Panel: Recommendations on the diagnosis and classification of hyperglycemia in pregnancy, Diabetes Care 33:676-682, 2010. The neonatal morbidity is typically restricted to hyperbilirubinemia requiring treatment with phototherapy. Early surgery may be warranted to prevent left ventricular muscle dysfunction from becoming severe or irreversible. Substantial differences in the hemodynamic response to aortic cross-clamping can be seen at different levels of clamping: thoracic, supraceliac, and infrarenal.

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Heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and peripheral perfusion are monitored closely. Myasthenia gravis during pregnancy can promote a transient form of the disease in the neonate. Gei-Guardia O, Soto-Herrera E, Gei-Brealey A et al: Sheehan syndrome in Costa Rica: clinical experience with 60 cases, Endocr Pract 17:337, 2011. Types of Insulin the types of insulin frequently used in diabetes control are listed in Table 59-13. If possible, a member of the anesthesiology team should meet the patient during one of her antepartum obstetric visits to discuss the anesthesia plan and answer her questions about the perioperative management. Whereas maternal serum concentrations rose about sevenfold, breast milk concentrations showed little change. The inciting factor is presumed to be present in amniotic fluid that is introduced into the maternal circulation, but the precise factors that initiate the sequence have not been identified. Avoiding Ketosis the issue of maternal ketosis and its potential effect on childhood mental performance is a source of continuing controversy. Increased pulse pressure is a cardiovascular risk factor, and some studies have linked an increased pulse pressure with intraoperative hemodynamic instability and adverse postoperative outcomes. Hyperreactio luteinalis is characterized by ovarian enlargement with many large-follicle cysts or corpora lutea, or both, and with marked edema of the stroma. Emergency surgery in the asthmatic patient introduces a conflict between protection of the airway in someone at risk of aspiration and the possibility of triggering bronchospasm. Women desiring pregnancy should be encouraged to wait until immunosuppression doses are stable. The treatment of acute exacerbations consists of 65 Neurologic Disorders 1115 bed rest and prescription of a brief course of steroids, which may hasten recovery without necessarily influencing its extent. The relationship of symptoms to pregnancy in such cases may be based in part on enhancement of preexisting cord ischemia by hemodilution and anemia. Nutritional intervention such as limiting protein intake is advised only in advanced cases and after surgical portal decompression. The primary antibody response to infection mediated by the infant is production of immunoglobulin M (IgM). Angina pectoris may occur in patients with aortic stenosis despite the absence of coronary disease. It is converted in the body to phenytoin, which may be cardiotoxic, and cardiac monitoring is required while the fosphenytoin is given in a loading dose of 20 mg of phenytoin equivalents per kilogram, infused at a rate of up to 150 mg of phenytoin equivalents per kilogram. This attempt should begin with obtaining a medical history from family members or caretakers, if possible, and conducting a physical examination followed by diagnostic studies. For this reason, vasodilating drugs should be used only after craniotomy and opening of the dura. Granulocyte colony-stimulating growth factor and erythropoietin have been safely used in pregnant patients, and their use should follow the general guidelines. Advanced neuroimaging techniques to better understand how the brain reorganizes after this type of injury are currently being used as research tools. Neonatal screening is not an effective method to determine first- or second-trimester drug use. Multiple spider angiomas also can occur in persons with liver disease (resulting from decreased hepatic estrogen catabolism), with estrogen therapy, and in normal, nonpregnant women. Symptoms eventually persist during remissions, leading to severe disability from visual failure, ataxia, spastic skeletal muscle weakness, and urinary incontinence. Autonomic dysfunction may manifest with tachycardia, cardiac irregularities, hypotension or hypertension, facial flushing, disturbances of sweating, disturbed pulmonary function, and other signs and symptoms. Sivojelezova A, Shuhaiber S, Sarkissian L, et al: Citalopram use in pregnancy: prospective comparative evaluation of pregnancy and fetal outcome, Am J Obstet Gynecol 193:2004, 2005. Because there are no associated abnormalities, an increased risk with spinal anesthesia is not expected, and large numbers of these patients have undergone spinal anesthesia safely. Use of a similar protocol minimized the delay in initiation of vasopressors and reduced mortality. Thyroid hormones have diverse effects on cellular growth, development, and metabolism.

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There are no reported cases of fetal masculinization, even if the mother is virilized. The use of a videolaryngoscope or an assistant to manually maintain neck neutrality can be considered. The term "metabolic inflammation" is applied to situations of lowgrade chronic inflammation observed in several metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes. Whereas lumpectomy during 56 Malignancy and Pregnancy 939 breast cancer surgery has been demonstrated to be safe, the use of vital dyes (methylene blue or lymphazurin) or of radionuclide technetium 99 (99Tc) for this purpose has not been extensively evalauted. The fourth position denotes the antibradycardia pacing chamber (O, none; A, atrium; V, ventricle; D, dual). These results suggest that women with well-managed, stable beta-thalassemia can do very well during pregnancy. Not all infants with neonatal encephalopathy develop permanent neurologic impairment. Stress ulcer prophylaxis should be administered as well, with a proton pump inhibitor (rather than an H2 blocker) in patients with bleeding risk factors (coagulopathy, mechanical ventilation for >48 hours, and possibly hypotension). During most of gestation, most cortisol in the fetal circulation is supplied by the mother through transplacental passage, although fetal cortisol concentrations are lower than maternal because of placental cortisol metabolism. The routine administration of clotting factors after every 4 to 6 units of packed red blood cells was previously thought not to improve outcomes. Ventura A, Magazzu G, Greco L: Duration of exposure to gluten and risk for autoimmune disorders in patients with celiac disease. Red blood cell transfusion should occur only when hemoglobin concentration decreases to less than 7. If the fetus is previable or dead, care should focus on optimizing the maternal condition. Incessant pericarditis is diagnosed in patients in whom discontinuation of or attempts to wean from antiinflammatory drugs nearly Signs and Symptoms the signs and symptoms of a pericardial effusion depend on its size and duration (acute versus chronic). Medical treatment of aortic regurgitation is designed to decrease systolic hypertension and left ventricular wall stress and improve left ventricular function. Bipolar Disorder Because of the seriousness of bipolar disorder and the need for pharmacotherapy, pregnant women with bipolar disorder should be co-managed by a psychiatrist. Recognition of the basis of such symptoms is important because, with reassurance about their benign nature, most patients can tolerate them until they give birth, when the symptoms usually subside spontaneously. Pharmacologic conversion to sinus rhythm with intravenous amiodarone may be attempted if vital signs allow. Several studies have attempted to identify prognostic factors that increase the risk for deterioration of renal function in women with overt diabetic nephropathy. Institution of positive pressure ventilation may have a ball-valve effect, particularly in cysts that extrinsically compress the tracheobronchial tree, resulting in air trapping. The extent of physiologic effects from spinal cord injury depends on the level of injury, with the most severe physiologic derangements occurring with injury to the cervical cord and lesser perturbations occurring with more caudal cord injuries. Medication treatment in pregnancy appeared to only partially mitigate the risk for relapse in pregnancy for women with bipolar disorder; the rate of relapse was higher after the birth than during the pregnancy despite ongoing pharmacotherapy. Blood Pressure Management the choice of antihypertensive medications (discussed in detail elsewhere in this text) in pregnancy is very different from that in nonpregnant patients. In the case of an ovarian tumor larger than 8 cm in diameter in a woman who does not undergo surgery, the clinician and patient must be aware of the increased risk of complications and their symptoms. Petechiae, especially over the neck, shoulders, and chest, occur in at least 50% of patients with clinical evidence of fat embolism and are thought to be caused by embolic fat rather than by thrombocytopenia or other disorders of coagulation. Management of Anesthesia General anesthesia and positive pressure ventilation in the presence of a hemodynamically significant cardiac tamponade can result in life-threatening hypotension. Topical tazarotene is a category X drug, but healthy infants have been born to six women using it. This model assumed that hyperactivity of the dopaminergic system was at the root of psychosis.

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Common side effects of adenosine include facial flushing, dyspnea, and chest pressure. The congenital anomalies with the highest relative risk were cardiovascular and central nervous system malformations. Hypertensive patient may have other medical conditions that present compelling indications for antihypertensive therapy with drugs of a particular class (Table 5-4). In a review of the subject with data collected and combined from many studies, Albrecht and Betz23 found that of 352 pregnant patients with untreated microadenomas, 8 (2. In selected patients, antepartum neoadjuvant (before surgery) chemotherapy administered until fetal maturity, followed by cytoreductive surgery at abdominal delivery, may be considered. Electrical cardioversion is the most effective method for converting atrial fibrillation to normal sinus rhythm and is indicated in patients with co-existing symptoms of heart failure, angina pectoris, or hemodynamic instability. The best way to ventilate patients with acute respiratory failure and restrictive lung disease has not been determined. Enhanced awareness among the medical community is needed to diagnose colon cancer earlier in pregnancy and thereby improve outcomes. In this group, factors indicating a poor prognosis included parenchymal lesions identified on the chest radiograph, advanced radiographic staging, advanced maternal age, low inflammatory activity, requirement for drugs other than steroids, and the presence of extrapulmonary sarcoidosis. Use of neuroaxial anesthesia requires measures to avoid hypotension, maintain adequate preload, and avoid tachycardia. In patients with active disease at the time of delivery, separation of the mother and newborn should be accomplished to prevent infection of the newborn. They can also be useful in diagnosing pneumonia or congestive heart failure, which may be confused with asthma. Herniation of the supratentorial contents past the tentorium cerebelli is referred to as transtentorial herniation, in which evidence of brainstem compression occurs in a rostral to caudal manner, resulting in altered consciousness, defects in gaze and afferent ocular reflexes, and, finally, hemodynamic and respiratory compromise followed by death. Management of bleeding varices may be accomplished with endoscopic band ligation as an alternative to portacaval shunting. At least a few striae occur in 50% to 80% of pregnancies, and they are severe in about 10%, especially in teenagers. A classic report by Miller and associates83 compared the frequency of congenital anomalies in patients with normal or high first-trimester maternal glycohemoglobin levels and found only a 3. Studies on primary glomerulonephritis in pregnancy generally report that most of the pregnant patients had normal to nearly normal renal function,70-72 and fetal outcomes can be predicted by severity of hypertension, degree of proteinuria, and impairment of renal function. A cardioverter-defibrillator and medications for dysrhythmia management should be immediately available. Neurologic lupus during pregnancy is rare, but case reports document chorea and transverse myelitis induced or exacerbated by pregnancy. The most commonly used immunosuppressive agents are prednisolone and azathioprine, although cyclosporin and tacrolimus may be used in selected circumstances. If the mother has a high level of magnesium and exhibits muscle weakness before induction. Management of anesthesia for lung volume reduction surgery includes use of a double-lumen endobronchial tube to permit lung separation, avoidance of nitrous oxide, and avoidance of excessive positive airway pressure. However, the degree of risk is uncertain given the small number of patients for whom this management strategy has been reported. Antibiotic therapy is based on identification and susceptibility testing of bacteria isolated from the sputum. Patient preference for general anesthesia, patient factors such as obesity or previous spine surgery, and use of antiplatelet or anticoagulant drugs may increase the risks associated with use of a regional technique.

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The inflow cannula is percutaneously placed in the femoral vein, advanced to the right atrium, and then positioned transseptally into the left atrium. Status epilepticus is treated with anticonvulsant drug therapy, with the pregnancy being allowed to continue to term. Symptoms of pericardial constriction include decreased exercise tolerance and fatigue. In one small study with design limitations, the rate of second-trimester losses was significantly higher before versus after myomectomy (7 of 14 versus 0 of 6; P =. In a few instances, however, pain has been so severe that labor had to be induced early. As part of the Consensus Conference process, an Evidence Report/Technology Assessment was produced. A combination of chest physiotherapy and postural drainage plus deep-breathing exercises taught during the preoperative period may decrease the incidence of postoperative pulmonary complications. The clinical presentation of acute pulmonary thromboembolism ranges from shock or sustained hypotension to mild dyspnea. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that the combination of epidural anesthesia and general anesthesia decreases postoperative cardiac or pulmonary morbidity compared with general anesthesia alone in high-risk patients who undergo aortic surgery. Some infectious, autoimmune, or rheumatic diseases tend to worsen during pregnancy. Those diagnosed in pregnancy or postpartum were more likely to have cortisol-secreting tumors and to be in a more advanced stage, but the differences were not significant. Although epidural steroid injections may provide short-term alleviation of symptoms caused by sciatica, this treatment offers no significant functional benefit nor does it decrease the need for surgery. Side effects of inotropic drugs include tachycardia, increased myocardial oxygen consumption, dysrhythmias, worsening of diastolic heart failure, and downregulation of receptors. Given the chronic adrenal suppression associated with long-term steroid use, stress-dosage steroids are needed at the time of delivery and for 24 to 48 postpartum hours. Teratogenic effects have also been found after firsttrimester exposure to lithium. Surgery in the second trimester may be required if medical treatment fails; surgery has gained wider acceptance since the advent of laparoscopic adrenalectomy. For pregnancies that continue beyond the first trimester, more than 90% result in a successful maternal and fetal outcome. There are scarce data about this disease in pregnancy, but a few case reports have documented vertical transmission. Ventilatory function is quantified under static conditions by measuring lung volumes and under dynamic conditions by measuring flow rates. Another compelling reason to continue antihypertensive therapy throughout the perioperative period is to avoid the risk of rebound hypertension should certain drugs, especially -adrenergic antagonists and clonidine, be abruptly discontinued. Increases in and eventual equalization of right atrial pressure, right ventricular end-diastolic pressure, and pulmonary artery occlusion pressure are features that occur in the presence of both constrictive pericarditis and cardiac tamponade. Cigarette smoking may interfere with normal immune responses and could interfere with the ability of smokers to respond to pulmonary infection following anesthesia and surgery. Other anticonvulsants may also be required, including intravenous phenobarbital or midazolam. The standard electroencephalogram is a sensitive indicator of inadequate cerebral perfusion during carotid cross-clamping, and perioperative neurologic complications correlate with intraoperative electroencephalographic changes indicating cerebral ischemia. Magnesium sulfate is a uterine relaxant, and additional oxytocics such as Cytotec or Hemabate should be available to treat uterine atony after delivery in addition to the oxytocin infusion. Phenoxybenzamine or prazosin may be administered preoperatively to lower blood pressure and facilitate volume expansion in patients with increased serum norepinephrine concentrations. When symptoms do develop during pregnancy, they usually occur in the first trimester or the month after delivery, but they may occur at any time during the gestational period. Stone S, Pijnenborg R, Vercruysse L, et al: the placental bed in pregnancies complicated by primary antiphospholipid syndrome, Placenta 27:457, 2006. At 1 year after delivery, all but seven had returned to within 5% of preconception values at the spine, but recovery of the total hip loss was less complete. Cardiac surgery requiring bypass can be performed successfully during pregnancy, sometimes in conjunction with cesarean delivery when the pregnancy is in the third trimester.

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Intramuscular challenges have caused exacerbations of the rash or even angioedema. The idea of a relationship with hypertension or preeclampsia is supported by one study. Monitoring of the blood pressure via an intraarterial catheter is desirable to ensure the adequacy of blood pressure control during direct laryngoscopy and at other times of noxious stimulation. Fetal infections with cytomegalovirus may cause hepatosplenomegaly, jaundice, petechiae, ocular defects, cardiac defects, and other abnormalities. Herbert V, Colman N, Spivack M: Folic acid deficiency in the United States: folate assays in a prenatal clinic, Am J Obstet Gynecol 123:175, 1975. Hyperpigmentation of the linea alba, the longitudinal demarcation line on the midline of the abdomen, is called linea nigra. Affected women commonly have pruritus with elevated serum levels of bile acids in addition to cholestatic hepatic impairment. Lumbosacral palsy may arise during labor from compressive injury of the plexus, but tenderness and rigidity of the lumbar spine, sciatica, and signs of root tension favor the diagnosis of protruded disk. A study of renal function for 4 years before and 4 years after pregnancy in 11 patients with diabetic nephropathy63 showed that the gradual rise in serum creatinine over that period was unaffected by the intervening pregnancy. When the tablets are crushed, the slow-release polymer is destroyed, and the product can then be swallowed, snorted, or injected, and results are similar to a heroin high. Surgical decompression is necessary if symptoms do not abate with conservative treatment or if there is significant motor involvement. To avoid this injury, the knee and hip joints should be well flexed, and extreme external rotation of the hip should be avoided. In acute heart failure due to a sudden decrease in cardiac output, systemic hypotension is typically present without signs of peripheral edema. Arteriosclerosis is the primary lesion associated with aneurysms in the infrarenal abdominal aorta, thoracoabdominal aorta, and descending thoracic aorta. During anesthesia, exaggerated decreases in blood pressure seen with blood loss, positive pressure ventilation, or changes in body position reflect impaired vascular compensation because of these autonomic-inhibitory effects. In recent years, with modern supportive therapy, the maternal mortality rate has been 15% or less, and more than 90% of patients survive in remission. Absent Pulmonic Valve Absence of the pulmonic valve results in dilation of the pulmonary artery, which can result in compression of the trachea and left main bronchus. Corresponding to this prolonged diastasis, ventricular diastolic pressure remains unchanged for the latter two thirds of diastole. The glyburide group also more frequently achieved target glycemic levels (86% versus 63%; P <. Typically, these patients have adequate oxygenation and ventilation, suggesting adequate gas exchange capacity. Ketamine has also been alleged to increase pulmonary vascular resistance, which would be undesirable in patients with a right-to-left shunt. Multiple Sclerosis Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system that seems to occur in genetically susceptible persons. Surviving infants and children with congenital diaphragmatic hernia have a 60% to 80% incidence of associated gastroesophageal reflux that can persist into adulthood. The diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism during pregnancy is suggested by hypercalcemia. Other treatment modalities useful for all pregnancy rashes have been discussed previously. Intravenous administration of atropine or glycopyrrolate before initiation of laryngoscopy may be useful in some patients. The clinical features of congenital neurosyphilis, which may become apparent after the first few weeks of life or may be delayed for several years, are essentially the same as those of 65 Neurologic Disorders 1113 neurosyphilis in adults. Cord blood should not be used for this early test because of possible contamination by maternal blood. Sciatic or common peroneal nerve palsies are easy to confuse with a plexus palsy because their constituent fibers are susceptible to compressive injury in the sacral plexus during labor.

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For example, a decrease in cardiac output that occurs in the presence of unchanged tissue oxygen consumption causes Pvo2 to decrease and Cao2 - Cvo2 to increase. Transthoracic echocardiography can be used to assess sewing ring stability and leaflet motion of bioprosthetic valves, but mechanical valves may be difficult to evaluate with this method because of echo reverberations from the metal. Women should also be instructed to avoid and control other asthma triggers, as described earlier. Ultrasound, infrared therapy, and warm-water therapeutic pool therapy may injure the fetus. Although most of the women in this series tolerated pregnancy well, those with moderate to severe lung disease. Abnormal coagulation and thrombosis often accompany arterial hypoxemia and erythrocytosis. Abrupt drug withdrawal can also lead to skeletal muscle rigidity, which can interfere with ventilation. Flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy under topical anesthesia may also be useful for evaluating airway obstruction. Intrauterine growth restriction is prevalent, occurring in approximately one half of reported cases. Atrial flutter frequently occurs in association with other dysrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation or atrial tachycardia. The maternal response (or lack thereof) to resuscitative efforts dictates whether perimortem cesarean section is necessary. From International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups Consensus Panel: Recommendations on the diagnosis and classification of hyperglycemia in pregnancy, Diabetes Care 33:676-682, 2010. The goals of induction and maintenance of anesthesia include (1) ensuring hemodynamic stability, because hypotension could lead to ischemia in the distribution of the abnormal vessels and hypertension may cause hemorrhagic complications; (2) avoiding factors that lead to cerebral or peripheral vasoconstriction, such as hypocapnia or phenylephrine, which can compromise blood flow in the feeding or recipient vessels; and (3) facilitating a rapid emergence from anesthesia so that neurologic function can be assessed. Significant motion of the cervical spine could lead to further cord compromise via compression and decreased cord perfusion. Neurologic development is impaired if infants are untreated before they are 3 months old. The possible benefits of using inhalation anesthetics in patients with high cardiac risk resulting from the cardiac preconditioning effects of these agents are the subject of ongoing investigations. Endovascular repair of the thoracic aorta poses several unique challenges compared with endovascular repair of the abdominal aorta. In symptomatic patients requiring a diagnostic tissue biopsy, a local anesthetic technique, if feasible, is best. Acute, severe, sharp pain in the anterior chest, the neck, or between the shoulder blades is the typical presenting symptom of thoracic aortic dissection. Indeed, the onset of this cranial mononeuropathy is often preceded by a viral prodrome. Nevertheless the incidence seems to be directly correlated with the severity of aortic disease. The Highs43 screens for an elevated mood that, depending on severity, may be indicative of mania. Neither the noninvasive blood pressure monitor nor the pulse oximeter will provide useful information because there is no pulse. Platelet counts equilibrate within 10 minutes and can be assessed immediately after completion of the transfusion. Skeletal muscle weakness may also lead to poor voluntary assistance in the second stage. In 1962, Goudie and Pinkerton66 described the case of a 22-year-old woman who died of circulatory collapse 8 hours after an appendectomy. Lung lavage in patients with hypoxemia may further decrease the level of oxygenation.

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