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Although infection is less common, if it occurs it is quite significant in the obstructed system. Urodynamic studies are repeated subsequently or performed for the first time if secondary urinary or fecal incontinence ensues (Taskinen et al, 2002). Care must be taken to properly identify the fistula tract and ensure that the tract is excised adjacent to the urethra as well as the rectum, to ensure complete removal of excess tissue that could become a diverticulum if not resected completely. In addition, peripheral and central neural mechanisms also change extensively during this period. In addition, the mean times to dryness in the higher- and lower-capacity groups were 10 months and 21 months, respectively (14 months in the group overall). Long-term followup of endoscopic incision of ureteroceles: intravesical versus extravesical. The anterior displacement of the vaginal os and the marked posterior displacement of the puborectalis sling with its deficient anterior component were postulated as reasons for prolapse. Excessive skin excision can result in penile chordee, torsion, and lateral deviation. Early administration of oxybutynin improves bladder function and clinical outcomes in newborns with posterior urethral valves. Pulido and colleagues (2013) examined the association of the renal parenchymal area-defined as the area of the kidney minus the area of the pelvicaliceal system on the first postnatal sonogram-with endstage renal disease. Renal outflow obstruction is best assessed by 99mTc mercaptoacetyltriglycine, which also provides an assessment of comparative renal function with massive hydronephrosis and resultant stasis. Use of complementary and alternative medicine by pediatric patients with functional and organic gastrointestinal diseases: results from a multicenter survey. The suprapubic tube should be irrigated at least three times daily and whenever drainage is slowed by mucus. Other associated anomalies are common, including hypospadias, bifid scrotum, bladder duplication, renal agenesis or ectopia, and diastasis of the pubic symphysis (Maruyama et al, 1999). End filling pressure, and therefore bladder compliance, can be dramatically affected by simply changing the filling rate (Joseph, 1992). Acquired undescended testes are diagnosed at an average age of 8 to 11 years and are more commonly in a lower position, associated with a closed processus vaginalis and normal epididymis, than in cases diagnosed as congenital. A period of bladder rehabilitation by strict attention to emptying in the postoperative period (Koefoot et al, 1981) usually will result in a return to normal bladder volume and contractile behavior. Later mammalian studies in fetal sheep have shown dysplastic changes produced by obstruction (Steinhardt et al, 1988; Peters et al, 1992; Matsell et al, 1996), and this has been shown in rodent studies as well (Thomasson et al, 1970). Urethral plate incision extends deeply to near the corpora, from within the meatus to the end of the plate distally (arrow). The vagina is prepared with an iodine preparation so that if it is violated during the dissection it can simply be closed. Therefore a steady trend toward nonoperative management of patients with megaureters has occurred during the last 25 years. Meckel syndrome, Jeune asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy, and Zellweger cerebrohepatorenal syndrome are some of the more common autosomal recessive syndromes. This allowed for tubularization of the trigone and enhanced lengthening of the urethra. The continence procedure is begun by selecting a posterior strip of mucosa 15 mm wide and 30 mm long that extends distally from the mid-trigone to the prostate or posterior urethra. Vesicoureteral reflux in infants with prenatal hydronephrosis confirmed at birth: racial differences. Asymmetry of these structures can also be seen and can provide additional challenges to successful reconstruction. It also does not provide any insight into the interpretation of a kidney that presents with reduced function when diagnosed. Torsion of the spleen and associated prune belly syndrome: a case report and review of the literature. Fixation sutures through the tunica albuginea have been used in many series of scrotal orchidopexy (Jawad, 1997; Russinko et al, 2003; Bassel et al, 2007; Dayanc et al, 2007; Takahashi et al, 2009), followed by placement of the testis in a subdartos pouch.

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The material should be easy to inject through a long needle that passes easily through most standard endoscopic instruments. However, such a test is limited to one B urinary metabolite and cannot be relied on to monitor responses to various medical treatments. Simultaneous augmentation cystoplasty and cuff only artificial urinary sphincter in children and young adults with neurogenic urinary incontinence. In addition to the long operative times and steep learning curve, the initial experience with laparoscopic reimplantation identified significant technical challenges in the creation of the submucosal tunnel while maintaining an intact bladder urothelium and with the suturing aspects of the procedures. It would be important to recognize the need for lateral views during voiding to identify the bladder pathology. This results in a very selected population in which only highly functioning individuals are studied. These early experiences demonstrate that laparoscopic pyelolithotomy is feasible, safe, and efficacious as an alternative to open pyelolithotomy in children and warrants further study. It has been theorized that detrusor hypertrophy can alter the closure mechanism at the ureterovesical junction, leading to reflux (Yeung et al, 1998). An ultrasound examination of the bladder will usually confirm the diagnosis, and kidney images will further support this. Analgesics and Antispasmodics We recommend oral ibuprofen 4 times daily alternating with acetaminophen for infants to children approximately 2 years of age. An option for those who are unable to sit on the toilet is controlled constipation with manual evacuation of stool because large-volume enemas cannot easily be delivered in these children (Vande Velde et al, 2007). This maneuver allows placement of the unit deeply into the pelvis and, more important, keeps it from being displaced anteriorly when the pelvic bones are brought together. One child is voiding spontaneously and one child has undergone augmentation cystoplasty. This problem appears to be diminished by creating a wider base to the flap and generously trimming the epithelial edges there. If the right gastroepiploic artery is dominant and the left vessel ends high of the greater curvature, a strip of body along the greater curvature from the left gastroepiploic artery to the antrum is maintained and provides adequate blood supply (Leong, 1988). Once the radiographic resolution of reflux has been documented, antibiotic prophylaxis is terminated, usually a few days after the cystogram. Ultrasonography was abnormal in 30% and renal scintigraphy, when used, was abnormal in 28%. Ureterocystoplasty It has been noted for years that in patients with posterior urethral valves, unilateral reflux may behave as a pop-off valve to lower intravesical pressures and protect the contralateral upper tract (Hoover and Duckett, 1982; Rittenberg et al, 1988; Kaefer et al, 1995). The mechanism of new onset contralateral reflux following unilateral ureteroneocystostomy. The vaginal orifice is more vertical and somewhat stenotic in exstrophy compared with normal females (Cervellione et al, 2010). Spontaneous improvement in ureteral appearance and function may occur with normal growth and elongation of the ureters (Duckett et al, 1980). A bladder cuff including the urachal insertion is marked and excised using electrocautery. If this increase in function does not occur, renal functional potential is lost, which may be of greater consequence than losing absolute function. Endoscopy, if done, should be performed immediately before bladder reconstruction under the same anesthetic. Obstruction is initially managed by stenting because in some cases it is the result of postoperative edema. Effects of botulinum toxin type a in the bladder wall of children with neurogenic bladder dysfunction: a comparison of histological features before and after injections. Other symptoms that may arise as a result of simple cysts are pain resulting from hemorrhage into the cyst or calyceal or infundibular obstruction caused by cyst impingement. In addition, the appearance of primary spermatocytes at age 4 to 5 years is delayed in cryptorchid testes (Huff et al, 1989). Third, it is important that the volume of voided urine is adequate, because curves change when the voided volume is less than 50% of expected bladder capacity for age (Austin et al, 2014). When the distal sac is short, it may be left in place, and when long, the anterior aspect can be excised. Consideration must eventually be given to removal of the original segment and replacement with another after repeated perforation.


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We have seen that the obstructed kidney is undergoing altered growth regulation, abnormal differentiation, and increased fibrosis, all mediated through a variety of molecular, cellular, and renal homeostatic mechanisms. The glans wings are not sutured to the underlying neourethra even though there is a gap between the tubularized end of the urethral plate and the first distal stitch of the glans that creates the neomeatus. ScrotalHypoplasia Scrotal hypoplasia, the underdevelopment of one or both sides of the scrotum, occurs most commonly in boys with an undescended testis and in infants with genital ambiguity. However, primary closure of the epispadiac urethra in children with closed exstrophy was found to increase bladder capacity without causing hydronephrosis, and this approach has been applied to male and female patients with epispadias (Peters et al, 1988; Gearhart and Jeffs, 1989a; Ben-Chaim et al, 1995b). Bilateral torsion was noted in 5% and 22% in two series (Yerkes et al, 2005; Baglaj and Carachi, 2007) and may occur concurrently or metachronously. Retinoic acid signaling regulates sonic hedgehog and bone morphogenetic protein signalings during genital tubercle development. Inset,The fully mobilized distal ureterocele is retracted caudally, revealing its narrowing attachment at the bladder neck. Other less common problems can include inferior vena cava laceration, duodenal perforation, total nephrectomy, and peritoneal tears (if the procedure is done retroperitoneally). Male Genital Defect the male genital defect is severe and is the most troublesome aspect of the surgical reconstruction. The submucosal tunnel is created in the direction of the trigone, medial to the original orifice. Those with a history of bladder outlet procedures seem to be at increased risk (Bauer et al, 1992; Metcalfe et al, 2006b). The wedge-shaped segment of stomach includes both the anterior and posterior wall. The definition of pathways and mechanisms of gubernacular development and testicular descent downstream of hormone signaling are provided by transgenic mouse models and human syndromes with phenotypes that include cryptorchidism (Barthold, 2008; Foresta et al, 2008). Martinez-Frias and coworkers (2001), using epidemiologic factors of low birth weight, twinning, single umbilical artery, and associated defects, postulated that cloacal exstrophy and exstrophy of the bladder are two different expressions of a primary developmental field defect, with cloacal exstrophy being an early defect. In spite of these abdominal wall issues, Woodard and Smith (1998) reported good wound healing without a tendency toward infections or incisional hernias. Nonpalpable testes: is there a relationship between ultrasonographic and operative findings Testicular volume does not predict germ cell count in patients with cryptorchidism. Although such lateral displacement is functionally normal and necessary to permit urine to pass, permanent lateral displacement by virtue of a constitutively short tunnel characterizes the cystoscopic position of the refluxing ureteric orifice. There is a tendency to ascribe a benefit to the observation of interval reduction in grade. Febrile urinary tract infections occurred in 13% of those 231 patients after augmentation. It is usually regarded as a nonhereditary disease, and the small number of reported cases in children implies that this is an acquired rather than a congenital disease. Obstruction induced after that point only produces hydronephrotic changes, albeit severe (Beck, 1971). In an evaluation of this select group, it was found that at the time of primary closure, 80% of patients had no form of pelvic osteotomy. Only by using a combination of genitograms, retrograde ureterograms, and bowel continence studies was it possible to understand the complex anatomy of the patients in these groups. Buserelin treatment of cryptorchidism: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. If inguinal exploration is needed to provide sufficient cord length, several approaches are available. If the patient is younger than 72 hours and examination under anesthesia reveals that the pubic bones are malleable and able to be brought together easily in the midline by medial rotation of the greater trochanters, the patient can undergo closure without osteotomy. Biopsies of human kidneys with obstruction but no history of infection have sparse inflammatory infiltrates (Huang et al, 2006). As in the male patient, if the pelvic bones are separated over 4 cm or are not malleable under anesthesia, an osteotomy is then performed. Therefore the defect can be due to either atrophy of the cranial part of the urogenital sinus or failure to incorporate the mesonephric ducts and ureters into the trigone (Krull et al, 1988).

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Bilateral surgery for unilateral disease need not be done, because contralateral reflux does not occur postoperatively (Bauer, 1984a). Understanding these long-term risk factors and their impact on quality of life is necessary for counseling, preparing, and treating valve patients as they reach adulthood. Transureteroureterostomy in childhood and adolescence: long-term results in 69 cases. The bony vertebral level often provides little or no clue to the exact neurologic level or lesion produced. Anomalies of the bowel and urinary tract frequently coexist, whether functional, anatomic, and/or neuropathic. These cells may correspond to the Chwalle membrane, which in humans is thought to be important for generating a patent ureterobladder connection, which if abnormal, can result in ureterocele (Chwalle, 1927). Ureteroscopy was not considered primary therapy for upper tract stones in children because of complications from ureteral ischemia, perforation, stricture formation, and development of vesicoureteral reflux as a result of dilation of small-caliber ureteric orifices. Uroflowmetry Qmax was significantly less in patients than controls (mean 24 mL/ sec vs. Through an active learning process, the child acquires the ability to voluntarily inhibit and delay voiding until a socially convenient time and then actively initiate urination even when the bladder is not very full and allow it to proceed to completion. The significance of measuring the time course of serum malondialdehyde concentration in patients with torsion of the testis. Unfortunately the risk of infection is constant in the setting of urinary tract dilation and stasis. Lais and coworkers (1996) reported similar findings and found that the ratio of smooth muscle to collagen increased after a successful closure. Patient perspective of long-term outcome of augmentation cystoplasty for neurogenic bladder. We recommend that surgeons review their personal outcomes and consider changes in procedure and/or technique to reduce complications, as we discussed earlier in the chapter. During sleep the bladder is normally quiescent and stable with lack of facilitation of detrusor contractions, whereas during wakefulness marked detrusor overactivity is observed. Elevated passive filling pressure becomes clinically pathogenic when a pressure greater than 40 cm H2O is chronically reached (McGuire et al, 1981; Wang et al, 1988; Weston et al, 1989). Diphallia Duplication of the penis is a rare anomaly with an incidence of 1 in 5 million live births (Hollowell et al, 1977) and has a range of appearances from a small accessory penis to complete duplication (Gyftopoulos et al, 2002). Several published reports address the usefulness of hormonal therapy in distinguishing retractile from true undescended testes. Enema protocols differ among centers, and patients and families will frequently modify them to suit their own particular needs. Elder (1990) estimated that the accuracy of determining the etiology of fetal hydronephrosis varies from 30% to 85%. The suprapubic tube is removed after regular catheterization is successfully underway. These studies would need to (1) account for multiple confounding variables, many of which are incompletely defined, including severity of the disease. Postoperative vesicoureteral reflux was identified in 9 of 18 children, and Snodgrass speculated this was because of lateral retraction of the ureters. Muscarinic cholinergic receptors in bladder exstrophy: insights into surgical management. Urgent scrotal exploration is indicated if clinical findings suggest concomitant testicular torsion. All techniques have a learning curve that necessitates careful analysis of results and forthright reporting. It should be noted that a colonic segment closed at the ends and not reconfigured otherwise was typically used in that experience. Cozzi and colleagues (2008) reported reduced morbidity and similar efficacy for the scrotal (5 patients) approach compared with the inguinal approach (13 patients).

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Of 10 biopsy specimens, 1 was noted to contain urothelium with islands of colonic mucosa, whereas 2 others were found to contain only colonic mucosa. Schumacher and colleagues (1997) reviewed their experience with pregnancy and delivery in patients who had undergone continent catheterizable ileocecal diversion and found no major complications. This is not surprising, considering the relatively complex nature of the procedure. Pathogenesis of nocturnal urinary incontinence after ileocecal bladder replacement: continuous measurement of urethral closure pressure during sleep. Long-term data concerning the urinary tract are not available because of the short life span of the patients (Bloom and Kolon, 2002). Polyethylene glycol 3350 for constipation in children with dysfunctional elimination. Long-term effects of dextranomer endoscopic injections for the treatment of urinary incontinence: an update of a prospective study of 61 patients. If the urethra can be brought up to each hemiglans, an orthotopic meatus is configured. The walls typically are thin and transparent but may become thickened, fibrotic, and even calcified, possibly from earlier hemorrhage or infection (Torres and Grantham, 2008). Glandular atrophy in colonic mucosa has not been noted histologically (Mansson et al, 1984). Much of the concern for sibling reflux detected by screening stems from reports of renal abnormalities detected by ultrasonography or nuclear scintigraphy in these patients. After harvesting, a location is selected for implantation of the appendix into the bladder. Once the correct plane is entered, the dissection is carried out circumferentially. Single-system ectopic ureters and ureteroceles may manifest in a similar fashion but may also be associated with an apparently absent kidney. Since the initial diverting colostomy is completed during the neonatal period, the fistula tract is usually seen on distal colostogram during subsequent workup prior to anorectoplasty. Although contralateral renal growth often displays compensatory hypertrophy, one study observed somewhat less compensatory hypertrophy by 1 year of age (Zerin and Leiser, 1998) than may be expected if contralateral reflux is absent (5. This chapter attempts to reconcile some of these areas by interpreting the best available information in the literature. Torsed appendix testis: gray scale and color Doppler sonographic findings compared with normal appendix testis. After the testis has been delivered, the distal sac and overlying cremaster are mobilized proximally as far cranially as possible, "high above the inguinal canal" (Iyer et al, 1995). Differential diagnosis should include renal sinus lipomatosis (fat density), lymphoma, hemorrhage, and urinoma. In the patient known to have reflux, the prevailing propensity for acquired reflux nephropathy and compliance with proper voiding habits, antibiotic prophylaxis, and timely reporting will influence further management (see later discussion). Therapy with the alarm can be reinitiated for relapse (more than two wet nights in 2 weeks). They observed that most of the scarring to which the kidney is ultimately susceptible occurs after the initial bout of pyelonephritis and that further scarring in the absence of repeated pyelonephritic episodes is unlikely to occur. Elevation of the detrusor flaps is more difficult in the laparoscopic procedure, and therefore a trough as wide as that developed with open surgery may not be achievable. Histologically, they are considered benign neoplasms with fibroepithelial and vascular elements, with overlying normal to hypertrophied urothelium. Stomal stenosis seems to be more problematic with use of the ureter compared with the appendix, possibly because of compromised blood supply. However, there is a suggestion that with more diligent monitoring, its incidence would increase. Although there is not universal agreement regarding the definition of dysplasia, evidence of altered renal development in association with obstruction is frequently reported (Bernstein, 1971; Matsell, 1998; Tarantal et al, 2001; Matsell and Tarantal, 2002; Matsell et al, 2002). Management entails excision of the stenotic ureteral segment and reanastomosis by ureteroureterostomy; excised segments range in length from 1 to 3 cm and histologically are characterized by increased collagen deposition and muscular hypertrophy (Hwang et al, 2005; Brugnara et al, 2007). Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in children: experience using a mpl-9000 lithotriptor. Fertility appears to be universally compromised in boys, but girls have normal fertility, and pregnancy has been reported. Association of congenital vertebral malformations with bladder and cloacal exstrophy.

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Reduction in dehiscence and postoperative ventral hernias has been noted in patients treated with osteotomy. Moreover, in both studies, reflux was not found to be a significant variable affecting scarring incidence. The advent of prenatal ultrasonography has likely augmented the detection of asymptomatic reflux in newborns, as a result of mass surveillance for persistent postnatal hydronephrosis and the ensuing performance of cystography in these infants. Sexual function in adult patients with spina bifida and its impact on quality of life. One study found that up to 44% of children treated with early intervention were dry at age 6 years (Dik et al, 2006). Function of the urinary tract depends on patent ureterobladder connections and an antireflux mechanism that prevents backflow of urine to the ureter and kidneys. Hydronephrosis is more often seen in boys (Williams and Karlaftis, 1966; Kelalis et al, 1971; Johnston et al, 1977; Olsen et al, 2007), especially in the infant and toddler age groups (Robson et al, 1976; Williams and Kenawi 1976; Johnston et al, 1977; Olsen et al, 2007). Nocturnal enuresis and daytime wetting: a multicentric trial with oxybutynin and desmopressin. Clinical measurement of testicular volume in adolescents: comparison of the reliability of 5 methods. Maintenance treatment should continue for at least 2 months, and symptoms should completely resolve for at least 1 month before attempting gradual slow discontinuation. Distinctive characteristics include minimal or no pain, isolated scrotal tenderness, and thickening of the scrotal wall. Despite the lack of compelling scientific data comparing these treatment methods in children, ureteroscopy is the first-line treatment in many centers. Ultimately, data clearly suggest that constipation without treatment does not improve with time or after puberty (van Ginkel et al, 2003). Given that proximal meatus location is a consistent risk factor for urethroplasty complications, we recommend that centers designate a single surgeon to perform these cases to increase his or her expertise. The prevalence and severity of this disease increase with the duration of azotemia and the subsequent need for dialysis. Suspected testicular torsion and ischemia: evaluation with color Doppler sonography. After mobilization of the spermatic cord, a transverse scrotal incision is made and a subdartos pouch created. Stomal stenosis remains a significant problem, 45% in the experience at Indiana University (Cain et al, 2002). Epidemiology of bladder exstrophy: a communication from the International Clearinghouse for Birth Defects monitoring systems. The renal cysts, as well as the tumors, usually are asymptomatic, although large tumors may cause pain or a mass. Consideration of surgical correction for reflux must also recognize the higher complication rate of stricture and persistent reflux associated with reimplanting dilated ureters into thickwalled bladders that are not properly rehabilitated prior to surgery (Coleman and McGovern, 1978; Atwell, 1983). Despite reports to the contrary in select patients (Husmann and Cain, 1999), concern about fecal incontinence secondary to use of the ileocecal valve persists for patients with neurogenic dysfunction. Mucus may serve as a nidus for infection or stone formation when it remains in the bladder for long periods of time. A broad approach that is emerging uses assessment of changes in overall protein expression in the urine: proteomics. Rotating an inverted U-flap of perineal skin into the incised posterior vaginal wall will permit widening of the vaginal os (Stein et al, 1995). Of those who were newborns and underwent closure at less than 72 hours (n = 47) and in whom no osteotomy was performed, dehiscence occurred in 13 patients. The adolescent varicocele I: left testicular hypertrophy following varicocelectomy. All of our patients seen for primary treatment have achieved a capacity in excess of 80 mL (see Table 139-4). Stretched penile length correlates more closely with erectile length than does the relaxed penile length and should be compared with standards for penile length (see Table 146-2). The presence of glucose or proteins in urine can detect metabolic or nephrologic diseases that can interfere with bladder function.

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A full understanding of the specific pathways involved in reflux-associated pyelonephritis could provide key strategies to limiting specific renal inflammatory fallout without limiting bacterial clearance. A pilot study of the home application of transcutaneous neuromodulation in children with urgency or urge incontinence. Medullary sponge kidney is a renal malformation characterized by cystic anomalies of precalyceal ducts that is frequently associated with nephrocalcinosis and stone formation (Gambaro et al, 2006). The type of causative injury varies with age, with infants more prone to an injury from a motor vehicle accident (71%), toddlers and children more likely to be injured secondary to a fall (48% and 34%, respectively), and adolescents more likely to have a sports-related injury (29%) (Cirak et al, 2004). As described by Woodard (1985), there are three major categories of presentation in the neonatal period (Table 140-2). Effects of intravesical electrical stimulation therapy on urodynamic patterns for children with spina bifida: a 10-year experience. Epidermal growth factor suppresses renal tubular apoptosis following ureteral obstruction. In females, demonstration of durability of injection therapy extending from infancy to at least the end of the childbearing years would be required. Ultrasound helps to differentiate tumors from torsion (Kaye et al, 2008a), but its reliability in this has also been challenged (Calonge et al, 2004; Al-Salem, 2007). Belman (2001) described a primary scrotal approach with drainage and extensive plication with limited dissection; excision is performed. Formerly, it was thought that the individual corpora cavernosa were of normal caliber but appeared shorter because of the wide separation of the crural attachments, the prominent dorsal chordee, and the shortened urethral groove. In addition, in patients diagnosed after Although some reports have suggested the existence of "waterhammer" renal damage from high-grade reflux of sterile urine against the renal papillae (Hodson et al, 1975; Hagen and Klevmark, 1991), no such clinical entity has been predictably demonstrated. Bellinger (1993), Dewan and colleagues (1994), and Reinberg and colleagues (1995) have shown that ureterocystoplasty can be done through two incisions, remaining completely extraperitoneal. The majority of clinical manifestations result from spontaneous bleeding into one or more of the cysts, making the most common presentation loin pain, hematuria, or both conditions. Results Snodgrass (1997) examined the results in 23 children, 22 of whom had neurogenic sphincter incompetence, and noted continence in over 90% of the children. Lee and colleagues (2006) presented a limited experience in seven children with cloacal exstrophy who underwent reconstruction performed using a single-stage approach. Technique Many modifications of the technique exist, but all start with mobilization of the cecum and right colon by incising the peritoneum along the white line of Toldt up to the hepatic flexure. One renal unit was lost, nonobstructive hydronephrosis developed in 8, and bladder stones occurred in 30%. Several efforts have been made to offer a better clinical assessment of testicular torsion in patients with the acute scrotum. There is obvious potential for the cause of refluxassociated hypertension to rest with deranged renal microvascular mechanisms associated with parenchymal defects. Endopyelotomy for pediatric ureteropelvic junction obstruction: a review of our 25-year experience. Age at orchiopexy and testis palpability predict germ and Leydig cell loss: clinical predictors of adverse histological features of cryptorchidism. The neural damage may be due to transection of the nerves, electrocautery, or neuropraxia caused by surgical trauma. The authors stated that fewer patients would have been categorized as below the 5th percentile had the Toguri nomogram been used (Andersson et al, 2011). Genetic factors may contribute to the risk; the presence of a varicocele was fourfold to eightfold higher among first-degree relatives of men undergoing vasectomy or male kidney donors, and the incidence was especially high in brothers (Raman et al, 2005; Mokhtari et al, 2008). The actual length of the bone segments, however, was similar between those with cloacal and classic exstrophy. Initially, the venous retroperitoneal pathways consist of symmetrically placed vessels, both central and dorsal. The fate of the complete female epispadias and female exstrophy bladder: is there a difference Transforming growth factor-1 mediates migration in cultured human control and exstrophy bladder smooth muscle cells. These episodes may last for minutes to several hours and often occur in the evening. Retrograde proximal rigid ureteroscopy and pyeloscopy in prepubertal children: safe and effective.

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In more severe cases in which a gross urethral diverticulum is seen, surgical reconstruction over a urethral catheter may be required. Although tolerated by some children, the use of enemas instead of optimal oral medical therapy does not appear to provide added benefit (Bongers et al, 2009). Greater preoperative diastasis as well as less optimal bone density in the newborn contributes to the greater difficulty in obtaining and maintaining closure of the pelvic bone deformity over time. After identification of the external ring, the external oblique fascia is incised to expose the canal, with care taken to avoid injury to the ilioinguinal nerve. These authors concluded that because of improved ureteroscopic access to the pediatric upper tract, calculi measuring 15 mm were as safely and effectively treated in children as in adults (Corcoran et al, 2007). A suprapubic tube is brought through the native bladder when possible and secured. Robot-assisted bladder neck reconstruction, bladder neck sling, and appendicovesicostomy in children: description of technique and initial results. Specifically, 30% of these genes were related to the desmosomal structure and cytoskeleton assembly, of which 69% were underexpressed in exstrophic bladders. Marked increases in hydronephrosis have been reported in association with an acute infectious episode, likely resulting from the effect of bacterial toxins (Pais and Retik, 1975). In a retrospective study of 46 children with solitary renal agenesis, the rate of contralateral renal pathology was 46%. It is renal Chapter140 Prune-BellySyndrome 3235 infection rather than obstruction that poses the greatest risk to renal function. This approach reconstructs three-dimensional (3D) images of the renal cortical architecture, which can be viewed in any aspect in 360 degrees of rotation. Earlier reports advocated sleeve resection and reanastomosis of the ureter to prevent recurrence, yet the persisting success with ureteroscopic resection would suggest that to be unnecessary. Testicular microlithiasis, characterized by multiple spectral calcifications within the testicular parenchyma. Reinforced nipple valves of ileum have been used extensively for antireflux with the Kock pouch (Skinner et al, 1989). Potential biological role of transforming growth factor-beta1 in human congenital kidney malformations. Although all of these diseases can occur at any time during childhood, appendage torsion is typically most common after infancy and before puberty, whereas epididymitis and spermatic cord torsion are most common in the perinatal and pubertal periods. Circumcision revision in prepubertal boys: analysis of a 2-year experience and description of a technique. Occasionally cautery with an ophthalmic cautery or silver nitrate stick or a suture may be necessary. This even has been associated with renal dysplasia (Amar, 1972; Livne and Gonzales, 1985). Effects of electrotherapy in treatment of neurogenic bladder in children with occult spinal dysraphism. Because many pediatric patients with bladder and sphincteric dysfunction will not void adequately after reconstruction, creation of a reliable means to easily catheterize may be essential; ways to do so are presented, along with related results in children. The complications were those seen with routine exstrophy repairs including urethrocutaneous fistula, urethral strictures, and so on. The exclusion of these patients from the diagnosis of "obstruction" has tended to force people to create convoluted descriptions of hydronephrotic kidneys. Preureteral vena cava is commonly known to urologists as circumcaval or retrocaval ureter, terms that are anatomically descriptive but misleading with regard to development (Lerman et al, 1956; Dreyfuss, 1959). Wolfish and coworkers (1997) performed a laboratory study of 33 boys aged 7 to 12 years (15 with enuresis and 18 age-matched controls) and found that attempts at arousal were more often successful in control subjects than in boys with enuresis (40% vs. When unilateral, they are often compensated by the contralateral kidney, and are therefore difficult to measure accurately and noninvasively. Clinical and urodynamic effect of methylphenidate for the treatment of giggle incontinence (enuresis risoria). Ultrasonography may identify a large elongated echolucent area from the groin extending anteromedially in the spermatic cord; omentum or bowel with peristalsis can be found in a large hernia sac. Similarly, family compliance with the antibiotic administration and follow-up visits for imaging may vary widely (Wan et al, 1996).

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However, smaller working areas and difficulties in exchanging instruments through the working element of a deflected ureteroscope may limit this treatment modality in some cases. Complete excision or marsupialization of ureteroceles: does choice of surgical approach affect outcome Surgical treatment for ureterocele with special reference to lower urinary tract reconstruction. The embryologic basis for the neurospinal defects associated with cloacal exstrophy has been postulated to be secondary to disruption of the tissue of the dorsal mesenchyme rather than failure of neural tube closure (McLaughlin et al, 1995). In contrast, Elsobky and coworkers (2000) reported a 91% stone-free rate for mean stone diameter less than 10 mm versus 75% stone-free rate for mean stone diameter greater than 10 mm. Testis histopathology in boys with cryptorchidism correlates with future fertility potential. The pathologic changes associated with lesser degrees of obstruction have been less thoroughly investigated, and a spectrum of qualitatively similar alterations has been described. In recurrent cases, endoscopy may reveal ejaculatory duct abnormalities undetected on voiding cystourethrography (Pimpalwar et al, 2002; Yanai et al, 2005). Approximately 30% of affected individuals have cryptorchidism, with the majority of cases abdominal and bilateral (59%), and 65% and 26% involving the left and right sides, respectively (Cortes et al, 1996). A lobulated ureterocele may appear as two structures, but careful examination should show communication. If the child can empty the bladder satisfactorily, the suprapubic tube is removed. Contralateral reflux appeared in 33%, suggesting a different cause for the appearance of contralateral reflux unrelated to surgical correction. Testicular dysgenesis syndrome: mechanistic insights and potential new downstream effects. Laparoscopic seromyotomy (autoaugmentation) for non-neurogenic neurogenic bladder in a child: initial case report. Most patients with neurogenic dysfunction who are incapable of fecal continence in the presence of diarrhea are not candidates for these procedures. Previous smaller studies reported a 5- and 7- to 10-fold increased prevalence in fathers and brothers, respectively, of affected as compared with unaffected individuals, and some also support the possibility that maternal factor(s), or X-linked risk alleles, influence expression of the disease (Czeizel et al, 1981; Jones and Young, 1982; Elert et al, 2003; Jensen et al, 2010b; Barthold et al, 2012). Evidence supporting this includes the presence of hemosiderin in remnant testicular nubbins excised at surgery (Turek et al, 1994) and reported cases of contralateral postnatal torsion (Gong et al, 1996). Several series indicate that bilateral metachronous torsion may occur in boys in whom the primary event occurs prenatally or postnatally (Beasley and McBride, 2005; Yerkes et al, 2005; Al-Salem, 2007; John et al, 2008). Localization of bacteriuria in patients with enterocystoplasty and nonrefluxing conduits. Growth Growth regulation is a critical part of development, and the obstructed kidney may evidence impaired or accelerated growth. An alternative technique is to identify the correct position for the penis and make a buttonhole by excising a plug of epidermis, dermis, and suprapubic fat (Kolligian et al, 2000). Finally, it must be remembered that immunosuppression in and of itself makes these patients vulnerable to carcinoma. The continued refinement of open reimplantation surgery, more recently dispensing with the use of both postoperative bladder catheters and the need for overnight hospital stays, will place even greater onus on the proponents of the laparoscopic approach to better define the ideal candidates for minimally invasive technique. Patients who have had prior spinal surgery consisting of vertebral fusion or Harrington rod placement have restricted spinal mobility, spinal curvature, or atrophic or contracted extremities. A dorsal strip of sufficient width is outlined and the excessive tissue to either side is de-epithelialized. A review: the application of minimally invasive surgery to pediatric urology: lower urinary tract reconstructive procedures. These results coincide with those of Husmann and colleagues (1989a), who found that patients who underwent delayed closure without osteotomy showed a continence rate of only 10%. This approach is not effective in middle or late gestation; early ligation of the fetal lamb ureter produces renal dysplasia but not multicystic dysplasia (Beck, 1971). Resolution of vesicoureteral reflux in completely duplicated systems: fact or fiction Vesicoscopic ureteral reimplantation: a minimally invasive technique for the definitive repair of vesicoureteral reflux. Depending on the degree of proteinuria, consideration should be given to obtaining a serum creatinine level to estimate the glomerular filtration rate.

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In the other, 22 boys with proximal hypospadias had a similar repair and subsequent follow-up also to an average of 24 months. The putative mechanism involves acting centrally by rebalancing excitatory and inhibitory information and returning the neural drive toward a more neutral status. Penile engorgement was determined by measuring stretched penile length and midshaft circumference before and 10 minutes after block. The true prevalence of acquired cryptorchidism is incompletely defined, because longitudinal data that provide documentation of prior scrotal position are limited and address only the first few years of life. However, it is not surprising that osteotomy had no effect on eventual continence of patients with cloacal exstrophy. If particular elements of the alteration can be identified and associated with clinical outcomes, these patterns may be diagnostic of functionally significant obstruction. Therefore, reflux in the closed exstrophy bladder occurs in 100% of patients, and reimplantation surgery is required at bladder neck reconstruction. Bacteriuria has been noted even when patients are maintained on daily oral antibiotics or antibiotic irrigation (Gearhart et al, 1986; Casale et al, 1999). D, the lateral mucosa of the trigone is mobilized and secured overthelengthenedurethra. The incidence of hydrocele and delayed recurrent varicocele after varicocelectomy in a long-term follow-up. Of the 19 patients who underwent bladder neck reconstruction after complications with their newborn closure, only 25% were voiding from the urethra and continent. However, Lipski and colleagues (1998) demonstrated that there was no difference between two groups of patients regardless of whether the obliterated umbilical artery was divided. There were no differences in adjustment based on male or female sex, bladder versus cloacal exstrophy, type of continence strategy, or gender reassignment versus no reassignment. The island tube and island onlay hypospadias repairs offer excellent long-term outcomes: a 14-year followup. Results of the rectus fascial sling and wrap procedures for the treatment of neurogenic sphincteric incontinence. The appearance at birth is that of wrinkled, redundant skin with an abdomen that bulges in the flanks. The incidence increases to 44% within 3 years after initiation of dialysis, to 60% at 5 years after initiation of dialysis, and to greater than 90% if the patient is on dialysis for 10 or more years. Initial response rates are good; however, adverse effects and decreasing efficacy result in dwindling long-term compliance (Hood and Andersson, 2013). Decision making during laparoscopic orchiopexy for intra-abdominal testes near the internal ring. In addition, several series have reported the need for early ureteral reimplantation after closure and the occurrence of significant upper tract changes in many patients (Grady and Mitchell, 1999). Cortes and colleagues reported associations between renal and T10 to S5 spinal anomalies and cryptorchidism, with the affected testis on the same side as the renal anomaly in 90% of cases (Cortes et al, 1998). Incomplete distal renal tubular acidosis may be found in as many as 30% to 40% of these patients (Torres and Grantham, 2008). Pax2 is a transcription factor regulating kidney, central nervous system, and ocular development in mice. In an observational study, 59% of 302 newly identified hydroceles in patients 1 to 18 (mean 4. During correction one must be careful to avoid injury to the neurovascular bundles (Baskin, 1999; Baskin et al, 2000). A small graft is easiest to handle by wetting a small area on the paper drapes, which holds it still. The efficacy of topical betamethasone for treating phimosis: a comparison of two treatment regimens. The benefits of minimal tract dilation included increased maneuverability, decreased blood loss, and shorter hospital stay. In this study, 21% had mild side effects, 4% had moderate side effects, and 5% withdrew because of intolerable adverse effects. However, such studies must be interpreted with caution in that any therapy that combines low morbidity and technical ease can become a seductive choice, especially because endoscopic therapy was preferred despite an acknowledged lower success rate than that of open surgery and potential for more than one anesthetic.

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