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© House of Spirit                                           Summer 2013                                    Vol. XVIII, No. 2


Hope for Critical Mass in Change


As the seasons change yet again, it is well to remember and review your purposes in life. Who are you and what are you doing here in a human body? Are you helping others or only yourself?  Are you really helping yourself? And what would that mean in terms of your behavior? What is your connection to All that Is? And who is that entity?


It is a good idea to stop periodically and review your choices and alternatives and to ask yourself whether you are living a mindful and self-directed life or whether you are just drifting with the currents wherever they may be taking you. If it is the latter, you are wasting your talents and potential.


On a brighter side, changes in weather patterns can fuel a change in orientation to life whether it is a time to rest or a time to produce. Or, if you are in the tropics, time to rebalance your issues and relationships . . . especially your relationship to Me.


I would have you remember My eternal Love and care for you. That is the context in which your life began and in which it has continued regardless of whether you have been aware of it or not. My wish and hope for you is that you can carry out your life in full awareness of My Love and support for  you. For then, you can be fully actuated and of use to others who need you. So please take the time to call upon Me and tune in to the energies I can supply to make your services possible. All of you have that connection available in your quiet moments, but I cannot compel you to use it. If  you do not want it, it will not be forced upon you. Your willingness is the key to the lock. So consider My invitation and open the doors to your heart and mind to Me.


Come to Me and I will teach you how to Love. Be Me and Love will flow from you to all those near You. Be My Love in the world that so badly needs it, My envoy to peace and fulfillment, My hope for the success of humanity in this incarnation and in its desperate need for continuation.

With Love from Gentle Spirit


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